Privacy Policy

Index Voice is owned by Syrium Corp. We do not share or sell any of the data collected in the app.

Audio Records

We stored the records created after using the Index Voice Recognition Service. This voice records are used to improve the Voice Recognition System, they are also used to improve the performance of the Index Voice app.

Personal Information

We stored the name and email of the owner of the account created in the Index Voice service. We stored information related with the documents that are \u201cindexed\u201d, such as, place, category, subcategory, method of payment, origin of the document, date of de document, city, cloud storage service.

We do not collect any document of picture indexed or created inside the app.

App flow

We collect data related to the actions performed by a user while the Index Voice app is running on the device. The data is used to improve the app functionalities.

Google Drive and Dropbox information

We do not collect passwords or accounts of the cloud storage services. We stored the id (url) that the Google Drive API, and the Dropbox API provides to access the files stored in Google Drive and Dropbox.

We do not share or sell any of the information we collect in the app.

Links to services or websites in AdMob

We are not responsible for the practices employed by websites or services in the advertising displayed inside the application. Please remember that when you use a link to go from the app to another website, our Privacy Policy does not apply to thirdparty websites or services.