All your files
within reach of your voice.

What is Index Voice?

The amount of files that are storaged nowadays is huge: text files, videos, pictures and there are a lot of storage services that offer their service, but with the amount of information that is created using only one service is not enough.

Index Voice helps you connecting all your different accounts with each storage service provider giving you a unique control of all your files, no matter if they are storaged in Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

Using YOUR VOICE, Index Voice lets you classifie and search your files.


Index Voice give you the tools to classify your documents using a variety of fields like Categories, Places, Dates, Amount, etc. Take a picture of your document, share it from another app or add it from one of your storage providers.


According to the indexation process you can search for your documents using your voice and your classification criteria. Searching for photos of yourself in a vacation on New York results more easy this way.


Off Line Mode

Index Voice keep track of your activities even when you do not have internet access and updates your account when you get access to an internet connection


Storage Support

Currently Index Voice is compatible with Dropbox and Google Drive. We are working to add support with other providers like iCloud to improve your experience



Access Google Play to download Index Voice for Android devices (smartphone and tablets only)

We are working in the iOS version for Index Voice.